Monday, August 3, 2009


I love fairy tales!Princesses are cute but not special.
Yes they are beautiful but high maintenance.
I adore Mulan who thinks anything boys can do, do better.
She kicks Hun’s ass to save China. She knows what she is doing.
And I admire elastic girl, she is so flexible. She can do anything from a mummy, a wife to an ace pilot jet to boat. That’s multitasking.
And I like Lilo and Dory. They are able to look beyond what’s different and bring surprises and wonderful people into your life.
Belle, from Beauty and The Beast worth the efforts. She knows boys will be boys, so will men. She tolerate Beast well.

Dory: I speak whaleeeeeee



  1. If you think about it again, Beast is hard to tolerate. Really hard. Super hard. Period.

  2. n ure not the beast. don't worry ;)

  3. ak suka captain shang (btul ka nama dia)

  4. captain shang tak hot mata sepet.

    and i am the beast :(. id rather be the beast dari jadi bear yg kena shag ngn afif.